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 The competency metric helps Lifvation F&B managers assess an employee’s worth to the company.

The metric serves as means to uncover the actual worth of an employee.

It serves a guideline to assign the hourly wage and also on raises.

When to use:  New hires and performance reviews
Who to use it on: New hires and active staff
How to access: Performance metric can be accessed through the Schedule_Magneto_vW.xlsb app / contact tab.
Who Evaluates?

The person under evaluation cannot evaluate him or herself.

Operations Manager / Supervisor

Who Approves? One of the following: F&B Director, HR Manager and Managing Director

The competency metric:

FullName Status Schedule Role Starting Hourly Pay Current Hourly Pay Coffee3 & Gelato Artist Coffee7 Pastry Flows POS CI (Customer Interaction) Calls Salsa Hygiene Leadership Ttl Per

Can make 3 basic coffee with proper cupping.

Proper maintnance, scooping and presentation of Gelato / creamery.

 Can make 7 types coffee with Latte Art Knows the 6 categories of Gobi’s pastry products  Knows Opening, Operation, Closing. Knows how to key in orders, timely conveyance of orders to the Kitchen, service crew and barista.

 Greeting, Introducing products,

suggestive selling,

Service, problem resolution,




Accurate conveyance of information,

Getting critical information from customers,


Capturing information

Inputting information

Uploading into cloud

Retrieving Information

Sending information to customer

 Personal hygiene


Washing hands

Following hygiene guidelines


Positive Influence of Others around

Low 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0  0 0 0%
High 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 100 100%


Pay scale:

Every Percentage point is worth S$0.01 or 1 cent to the company. This is the true worth of the person to the company.

Per Title Position Per Hourly wage
Iron Junior Service Crew 60% S$6.00
Bronze Senior Service Crew 70% S$7.00
 Silver Service Crew Captain  80% S$8.00
 Gold Supervisor  90% S$9.00
Platinum Manager  100% S$10.00


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