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Zifsoft Salsa Invoice is designed to be super easy and flexible. It’s run on a simple excel spreadsheet.
Every invoice Template has two sections:
Accessing the Invoice Module:
 Each row is a record.
You can choose previous record to create new records.

 Enter delivery. Delivery date is calculated as number of days from today.

Since you chose records from previous purchases, the prices should be the same.
Enter the quantity and make sure that the products matches the order.

Check Delivery date is correct.

If there are any delivery instructions or special notes, enter them in column AJ.

Check payment terms. We have COD, pay at the end of the month, advance payment.

Make invoice number for one of the records.

Drag and populate the rest of the records. All record in the same order
should have the same invoice number.

Choose the rows you want to print.
First use the “reset X” function to make sure that there no other record that are “X”.
Then “X” all the records you wish to print.

Make our invoice.

Since we got multiple records, choose ‘m’

First output is a PDF invoice. Use this to print.

2nd output is an email invoice:

Email invoice consist of Email with invoice and pdf attachment in case the customer’s formatting messes up our invoice format.


Lastly to share this invoice with other colleagues,
you can upload it to our cloud.
To upload use the “Ocean” module.
To start sharing: create ocean index first

Choose ‘f’ from this row to the end.

Activate the Ocean Module. Choose “p” to upload to the cloud.


Special features to set up new records:

If you want to modify the contact of a record, you can use the import contact feature.

Open up your MS Outlook contact. Import using ‘s’ for selected contact.

The import feature will also email the new contact to your colleagues.