SOP on Cleaning Cake Display Chiller

1.  Remove all cakes from chiller and place them in the plastic container.   Keep the plastic container in the back kitchen chiller. 2 Keep Cakes1 Keep Cakes
2.  Remove sliding doors from the chiller. 3 Remove Sliding Doors
3.  Remove bottom glass panel. 4 4b Remove bottom shelve glass panel
4.  Get ready an empty pail and a plastic hose tube. 5 Get ready pail n hose
5. Place 1 end of the hose tube into the water found at the bottom shelve. IMG_1598
6.  Suck the other end of the tube. IMG_1604
7. When the water starts to flow, place the tube in the pail.   Repeat Step #5 & #6 till the water is emptied out from the bottom shelve. 6 suck hose to release water
8. Wipe dry the bottom shelve 6b wipe dry
9.  Wipe clean all glass panels and sliding doors.  Put back the sliding doors.  Turn off the chiller. 7 wipe down


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