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mistral-titlexLHE Intelligent Phototherapy

Acne Clearance
Skin Tightening
Skin Rejuvenation
Collagen Renewal
Vascular Lesion Treatment
Pigmented Lesion Treatment
Wrinkle Reduction
Hair Removal

FDA approved; CE medical.


Ease-of-use and smooth, integrated functionality set Mistral apart from ordinary light-based systems, delivering the results you expect with unsurpassed patient safety and comfort, even in the most challenging scenarios.

Mistral treatments are fast, effective and easy to perform.

The standard (12cm2) and extra large (18cm2) spot sizes enable quick, convenient treatments. Completely remove a back hair in 10 minutes or less. xLHE® advancements makes skin cooling techniques are necessary. There is no need for gels or other messy substances that may mask the power of xLHE® advance treatments. Patients will experience results immediately safely. xLHE® Mistral’s superior engineered delivery system introduces cutting edge Optimized Pulse Train technology (OPT) for efficient targeted pulsing that allows treatment of skin type I-VI. OPT precisely targets the chromophore and utilizes it’s a dynamic thermal relaxation timing system. OPT makes treatment of darker skin types (V-VI) possible. LHE has come long way. is a proven solution. xLHE® with its Sensitive Care handpieces for darker and sensitive skins allows treatment of V-VI safely and  with comfort.

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