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The crucible program is Lifvation’s training program. The program is designed like the Amazing Race. Where each pit stop, participant will be given a challenge to complete. The series of pitstops are designed to inculcate adaptability, resourcefulness, resilience, problem solving, planning and curiousity with the goal of helping Lifvationers reach full potential. These 6 human abilities are the hall mark of human progress and they are highly valued in Lifvation.

Pit stop #1:

Objective: Identify people with positive disposition in life.

Notes to facilitator:

  • Minimum instructions on baking. Do not mention what they are going to make. Let them ask it.
  • Let the participants ask as many questions as they like.

Nemo program. The nemo program is where participants learn how to bake. Details here:


 Pit stop #2:  Objective:

  • Assess independence
  • Flexibility
  • Problem solving

Note to facilitator:

  • Show participants the SOP
  • Show the materials (cloth, dustpan & broom, glass cleaner)

Gobi Joo Chiat Opening SOP.

JC SOP: Opening


 Pit Stop #3:  Objective:

  • Assess level of passion and creativity

Note to Facilitator:

  • Provide SOP for setting up cake display
  • Provide product list

Fill up Gobi’s Cake display


 Pit Stop #4:  Objective:

  • Assess courage, curiosity and intelligence.

Note to Facilitator:

  • Show how to operate the machine once
  • Let participant operate the machine
  • You may instruct but not touch the machine.
  • You can decide when to stop the participant if they show that they don’t possess the courage to continue.

 Making your first cup of coffee

Barista Series: Basics


Pit Stop #5: Objective:

  • Assess level of hussle / drive

Note to Facilitator:

  • Provide opportunity to serve
  • Provide opportunity to sell.
  •  Philosophy:

Customer Interaction: Your face in your hands

  • Online Menu:

Online Menu


  • Product list: