Crucible level 3: Cafe Management Trainee Program

  • Level 1 is a simple system to teach any would be entrepreneur on how to run a cafe.
  • The mastering of 4 the basic discipline: dessert, pastry, beverage and creamery would be a solid start in the F&B entrepreneurship series.
Discipline overview
4 Product disciplines for basic café level mastery: 4 clusters

 Dessert Discipline:

Pastry Discipline: Whole cakes & Sliced Cakes. Knowledge of each product category is important. 3 Categories: Chocolate Universe, Cheese & Mousse, Fruit & Nuts.

Whole cakes:

Sliced cakes:

Pastry summary page:

Understanding Pastry Lifecycle:

How to stage your cakes:

Drink sections: Divided into four sections.

Easiest to learn: Iced Drinks, Ice Blended, Shakes

Intermediate: Barista

Barista discipline:

 Iced Drinks, iced Blended and Shakes:

Creamery Discipline:

Crucible level 1

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