Crucible level 2: service and sales

You are best sales person. Selling comes from within the soul. When the soul is service oriented, your value proposition will be crisp, compelling and valuable. Selling takes practice. A lot of hard work and practice. Some make a career of it with some becoming a president of a country. Crucible Level 2 is where you get that practice. The Crucible program is fashioned similar with Amazing Race where you are given a series of challenges designed to reveal how good you really are.

To serve well comes from competency. A deep understanding of products and services. In Crucible Level 2, your mission is to serve Gobi’s customer and to acquire new customers.


Pit stop 6  Objective:

  • Develop confidence
  • Develop product knowledge


  • Provide online menu
  • Provide value proposition.

Assess walk-in customer needs and recommend items from the menu.

Pit Stop 7 Objective:

  • Demonstrate true warmth for people
  • Demonstrate compelling and clear communication


  • Demonstrate how to sell from A1 poster, Brewbaga fermentation tank and menu

Get new customers who are window shopping to come in.

Gobi’s Poire William:

Crimson & Blanco Poire William

Gobi’s enzyme:

Product Catalog

Gobi’s top selling tea:



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