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Entrepreneurs are made, they’re not born. And they aren’t anything like you think they are.
Kaufmann institute surveyed 549 successful entrepreneurs. They found that the majority didn’t have entrepreneurial parents. They didn’t even have entrepreneurial aspirations while going to school. Entrepreneurs simply got tired of working for others, so they took the big leap. 52% of the successful entrepreneurs were the first in their immediate families to start a business — just like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Sergei Brin, and Russell Simmons (Def Jam founder). Their parents came from all walks of life: academics, lawyers, factory workers, priests, bureaucrats.

 2.0 Entrepreneurship can be taught. The key is to provide education at “teachable moments”. Lifvation’s Entrepreneurship program called the Crucible is essentially a collection of teachable these teachable moments.

Potential entrepreneurs will not benefit from abstract courses from business schools, but practical, relevant knowledge. The right type of education is important. These founders didn’t graduate from university but they are very well educated Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs.






 3.0 The Crucible program is designed from the collective experience of entrepreneurs in Lifvation who has won entrepreneurship awards, raised $$$$ from ventures caps, done M&A, bought and sold companies.

4.0 Can Lifvation charge for our courses? Yes you bet. Donald Trump does.

Why is Lifvation not charging anything? Lifvation’s direction is very different than Trump. It aims to make a network of millionaire entrepreneurs. 




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