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1.0 The Crucible program is Lifvation’s training program for our recruits regardless if you are coming in as a VP of sales or a service crew. The program is designed to select good problem solvers. We are putting together a team of people who share the same philosophy that seizing opportunities to grow requires good team mates and excellent team work.





2.0  Out of 100, only 10 are selected to join Lifvation and takes up various positions.

Our philosophy is that there’s a lot of bodies that one can hire with $ but only few that can only turn the cog of progress. We agree with Singapore’s philosophy of meritocracy and getting the best talents.


 3.0 Lifvation’s crucible program is a hands-on training program where we create learning moments for the participants. Participants have pieces of puzzles in front of them. Their job is to piece them together the picture.

The crucible program are in 3 stages. Each stage with about 6 pitstops (or learning moments). Some of these learning moments requires common sense which unfortunately seems to be a little short for people who have been trapped in the office for too long.


 4.0 Every Crucible intake starts with our mass recruitment session held every Wednesday 7:30pm. The mass recruitment is framed around a free baking class. Candidates get to learn something new e.g. making cookies, brownies, Owl cakes, cupcakes. The session is open to all ages and levels. The session has been effective in weeding “conventional” candidates with over bloated egos.  We once had a Bagladeshi lady who had worked in the USA for about 5 years. Her head was so big that she couldn’t fit through out central kitchen.













5.0 For the successful candidates who get accepted into Crucible, you are PAID. You pay go learn in school. Only in the reverse world of economics do you get paid to learn. In exchange, you can work part time or full time. The crucible program slots are limited. There are plenty of slots in the night for taking. For example the slots in blue with ‘x’ are available.This slots are published to our potential candidates on a weekly basis. There’s also a whatsapp group created where our community post information to help us succeed.

Rates per hour are based on skills and success in completing completing the 18 pitstops over the 3 stages. Each pitstop will give your mentor an opportunity to assess you based on this categories:

Coffee3 Coffee7 Pastry Flows POS CI Calls Salsa Hygiene Leadership Ttl
10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 100
ability to make 3 basic coffee ability to make 7 types of coffee Product knowledge Opening, Serving, Closing flows Cashiering Customer interaction Getting leads and selling Lifvation propreitary lead generation software Cleanliness Ability to inspire your team mates


6.0 Qualified trainers on day shift

Trainers: DK, Waene

The graph above depicts the number of morning shifts clocked in by the trainers since Jan 2017.

7.0 Qualified trainers on night shift

Trainers: AK, Michelle

The graph above depicts the number of night shifts clocked in by the trainers since Jan 2017.

To enter into the Crucible program, all you need to do is fill up the form below. Our coordinators will extend an invitation to you to our Nemo session.

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