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1.  One week before the Class

Chef David and Team -check if there is enough inventory. Eg : balloon , chef hat , aprons, utensils and takeaway boxes.. if there is insufficient inventory, seek Mr Lim’s assistance to collect from HQ or purchase.

Service Crew to fold the takeaway boxes.

Agnes to print out the Recipe Sheet for participants

2.  One day before the Class Chef David to pre-bake 1 set of 2 cupcakes per participant for teaching participants on how to decorate their cupcakes

3  On the day of Class

a. 1.5 hours before Class starts

 Service crew team to set up the dining area by placing all the chairs outside the cafe along the walkway.
b.  45 mins before Class Chef David to prepare buttercream for decoration purposes, prepare ingredients and place them on the table
c. Participants Arrive Welcome the participants upon arrival and let them put on the apron and chef hat
d.  Class Starts

Chef Dylan/David to give introduction  by running through the  Fact Sheet and followed by Chef David instructing the class on the steps of baking.

Service crew to take photos while Class is ongoing


e. Once we sent the cupcakes into the oven for baking, Chef Jonathan will teach participants on how to decorate their cupcakes.

f.  At the end of the Class Service Crew to standby takeaway boxes for participants to bring home their cupcakes and take a group photo before everyone leaves.
4.  After Class

Service crew to sweep the floor, wipe the tables, bring in the chairs and reset the table with cutleries.

Agnes to upload photos onto website and whatsapp the photos to the participants.