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Flying Face is an experiment that sold 1500 bags retailing at SGD15.00. The sale is done without any advertising and all through word of mouth.
The Flying Face project is the project name to recycle the coffee powder from Gobi’s retail front.

The Flying Face project is part of a bigger Lifvation experiment to prove 3 things:
i. manufacturing can be done in the city,
ii. it can be done on the retail premise
iii. doesn’t take a whole lot of space.
 Why Flying Face?
Gobi goes through 300kg of coffee bean every year.
The coffee ground would have been thrown out or made into compost.
After a few months of R&D for correct treatment of the coffee ground,
the first batch was produced and distributed to friends and relatives.
The mix was very well received.

 Stage 1: Air Dried Raw coffee ground (50 hours)

 Stage 2: 30 hours of baking (cumulative time 80 hours)

 Stage 3A premix taken from Gobi’s tea program.
Gobi has been making their own tea since 2016.

Stage 4: Premix + Sea salt + Coffee Ground = Coffee Scrub

 Stage 5: Bagging & labeling

It’s just placed on the table.





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