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Lifvation Group of Companies owns innovative brands like Gobi, Rock N Ash, Bricks N Cubes, dARTS, DDD Angel Cafe. If you are a Singapore Citizen or a Singapore PR and has a good sense of humour, we will be delighted to have you join us. Why join us? Look through the videos, meet your colleagues and mentors. 公司介绍 – 我们拥有和管理餐厅,水疗中心,贸易业务,软件和广告公司。我们是新加坡成长最快的中小企业。如果你是新加坡公民或永久居民,我们高兴地邀请您申请以下职位。

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It seems like only yesterday when Gobi started their tea production program which they called 高谷帝 (Gao Ku Di)  or High Valley Emperor Tea. The Singapore tea market is small and the controlled by a handful of distributors. No tea is made in Singapore and the Gobi crew decided to do the uncommon. The Gobi team […] Read more...

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Happy 2018. Awesome offers: Order high quality fruit enzymes: Order your Xmas cake: Dine in a cafe where you can play Lego Apply for job:  Read more...

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Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, sums very well the kind of people we want in our team: All employees for all divisions goes through the same training & recruitment process. If our chairman goes through it, so will you.  If you are humble, open to learn and network, we have a walkin interview and networking […] Read more...

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Attention grabbing content High impact content Actionable content sales & admin positions available. Kuala Lumpur, Singapore Apply online: http://www.lifvation.com/?page_id=181 #singapore #kualalumpur #sales #educator #champion 销售和管理职位空缺。吉隆坡,新加坡. 在线申请. #新加坡#吉隆坡#销售#教育家#冠军 sales & admin positions available. Kuala Lumpur, Singapore Apply online: http://www.lifvation.com/?page_id=181 #singapore #kualalumpur #sales #educator #champion 销售和管理职位空缺。 吉隆坡,新加坡 在线申请:http://www.lifvation.com/?page_id=181 #新加坡#吉隆坡#销售#教育家#冠军   sales manager positions available. Kuala Lumpur, Singapore Apply […] Read more...

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 Zifsoft releases a slew of awesome software to from Helios to identify hackers to Scheduler Engage for HR to better know their candidates. Zifsoft is looking for the talented programmers. Are you the next Dennis Ritchie (C), Linus Torvalds (Linux), Bjarne Stroustrup (C++), Tim Bernes-Lee (HTTP), Brian Kernighan (UNIX), Guido Rossum (Python), Jim Gosling (VAX), […] Read more...

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