Bricks N Cubes: Lego Theme Cafe


Bricks’N’Cubes Café opened its first theme café in 2013 at “The Cathay”. It offer customers a totally new style of cafe – one offering a uniquely one stop place for Food and Play Area. No other cafe in the area will provide such a theme cafe. Design concept of the cafe will be fully based upon LEGO design from wall posters to table design to counter design.

Customers are able to order the food through the iPads installed at every tables and allowing them to enjoy playing the LEGO games concurrently while waiting or enjoying their food.

Our specialities include healthy choice ice cream. All our Gelato ice cream sold are low in fats, free from
artificial flavouring and is manufactured in Singapore. All flavours are created from fresh fruits, vanilla
beans and sweet liqueur. As a unique café, we do offer other specialities including delectable Belgian
Waffle, Barista Coffee, Premium Tea and many more. Bricks’n’Cubes Café will appeal to individuals of all ages and background and is the best place for families and children.A member of Lifvation Group of Companies


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