Lifvation is a compound word of Life & Innovation.
We build, manage and grow innovative lifestyle brands.

  • Built:  our brands are built organically or through acquisition.
  • Manage: we manage all our brands for at least a year. This allows us to iron out all the kinks.
  • Grow: we grow each brand to its full potential.

We invest heavily in 7 expertise so that we can build up a valuable brand portfolio and groom each brand to its fullest potential.
Our expertise:  software, IP, distribution, marketing, sales, education and operation excellence.

Celebrity Chef Sady Cerna helms Lifvation's F&B International division to internationalize the brands. ...

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Lifvation Group updated their cover photo. ...

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    I would to purchase one of FTD LUA, how do I to order it? please give me advise.

    Thanks and regards,

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    I would wish to know how to consume the 4 fruits enzyme? Which one to take in the morning and which at night? Before or after food? Etc.



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