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The Making of the Saber Sandwich What happens when you put together a Star Wars fan, a talented team of Pastry and Hotside chefs? The Bricks N Cubes Saber Sandwich happens. Star Wars new light saber Bricks N Cubes premiers the Saber Sandwich The Sandwich is served three ways: Shrimp Scampi & Pineapple, Grill Chicken, […] Read more...

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  Objective: Final visual check before locking the Bricks. Target audience: Outlet manager / head chef Principle: This is done after all closing are completed. Visual checks are done for hygiene and safety purposes. Mis-En-Place Chiller on & at 3-8degC Chiller on and set at 3-8degC Food prep top & Floor are cleaned. Fryer off. […] Read more...


Zifsoft releases Gamma version of Salsa Selenium. Project Juno is the code name for Salsa Selenium. Project Juno aims to bridge the gap between customer information acquisition on the web (inclusive of Social Media) to sales conversion to CRM. To uninstall your old version of Salsa, uninstall XLAM. Close the Selenium Suite to unload everything. […] Read more...

TAGS: game changer for the little guy.


GOBI’S NOVEMBER ENZYME HARVEST Gobi took 60 days to make this batch. They manage to yield 6 bottles in total of high quality enzyme. 3 bottles of Pear Orange enzyme and 3 bottles of Pineapple enzyme. This batch was especially difficult to make. Gobi inducted Celebrity Chef Sady it’s panel of tasters. For every bottling batch, Gobi […] Read more...

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Every Wednesday, Gobi Singapore, holds it’s Enzyme talks. The talks are for all enzyme enthusiasts. Presentation from the first Enzyme talk: Next session, 18th November 2015, 7:30pm, 350 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427598 Read more...

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Lifvation technical team is the sole distributor of LHE devices in Malaysia and Singapore. We are able to fix various LHE devices. All parts are original from Radiancy factory. Lifvation技术团队在马来西亚和新加坡LHE设备的独家分销商。我们能够解决各种LHE设备。所有部件都是原装Radiancy公司的工厂。 Repair is by appointment, please call +65 96470588 修复是通过预约,请致电: +60 11 11816689 On-site visit: Singapore: SGD 80.00 per trip Kuala Lumpur: RM 200 per trip 在新加坡里:来修理 […] Read more...

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It takes a decade to make a mature brand. Gobi is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary with an open house in December. The date will be posted on their website, www.gobi.com.sg. The brand has seen it’s ups and downs. It’s seen the sky where it was the brightest star and had close shaves when the brand […] Read more...

TAGS: simply the best dessert shop in Singapore


Celebrity Chef Sady and his prodigy Chef Joseph at DDD gourmet cafe. They are transforming DDD from a dessert outlet into a true gourmet cafe that you will find in LA where Chef Sady worked or in New York where Chef Sady hails. Customers that went to DDD last week got a preview of some new […] Read more...

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Chef Joseph, a prodigy of celebrity Chef Sady Cerna joins the Lifvation F&B team. Chef Joseph is a kidney transplant patient. He has overcome many odds in life and a fast rising Singaporean star in the highly competitive culinary landscape. His last assignment was the anchor chef in a well known bar in Boat Quay where he […] Read more...


Vendors are invited to submit their quote to Lifvation Group. We are placing a wall menu for DDD cafe at Bedok point. Please send quote to contact@lifvation.com Important details for your quotation: Materials Plywood with Laminate Finish Dimensions: 1cm x 7.9 m x 2 m Transportation Destination:   Installation L-bracket mounting Budget: <S$1000 Project Details […] Read more...

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