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FIGHT ACNE WITH COFFEE SCRUB Did you know that coffee grounds have amazing benefits for you skin? Good quality Coffee scrub has several benefits: exfoliating anti-inflammatory reduction of cellulite, improved circulation, reduced eye puffiness, smooth skin. Aside from the amazing exfoliation that coffee scrub provides, it also has another secret weapon for your skin: caffeine. Caffeine is […] Read more...

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Lifvation Singapore (HQ): #04-19, focus one, 1 Ubi view, Singapore 408555 Main line: +65 68489596 Hot line: +65 96470589 Email: contact@lifvation.com Malaysia 02-96465071 Indonesia Thailand http://www.lifvation.com Hong Kong Vietnam Myanmar INTRODUCTION: Lifvation represents 4 international brands Radiancy, Omnilux, Photomedex,  3DLIPOMED. We specialize in technology that has multi-use and gives our customer the best value for their money for skin, body […] Read more...

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Vitamin B3 Natural Not a drug Effective against Acne Clinical papers & Journals: International Dermatological Journal: 19950601_IntDermaJournal  Article from a Acne sufferer:  200150904_GMuntz Effectiveness of Nicotidamide, Dr.Mukul ICOT_Clinical_Comsoceuticals_DrMukul Nicotinamide vs Clindamycin, DrZabiolah ICOT_Clinical_NicotinamideVSClindamycinGEL_DrZabiolah Treating Teenage Acne, Dr.Shalita ICOT_Clinical_TeenageAcneL_DrShalita Where to purchase ACNE SOS: Acne SOS (5mg) Click to enlarge Part Number: AcneSOS Category: Aes_Products Product […] Read more...

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