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Philosophy of training:  Self exploration & discovery Every starts here: Life is Sweet Mode of training: We do You do, then we feedback Self reading You practice We review together Curriculum: Day 1 Understanding Brand Understand why we exist. Opening & Closing Flow Orientate yourself to location of machines Familiarize yourself with where things are […] Read more...

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Malaysia and Singapore public Holidays Brought to you by Zifsoft. From all of at Lifvation, wishing you a fantabulous 2016. May you taste good health, have beauty, wealth, generosity, and love with your family. We provide them in machines (aesthetics), food (Bricks N Cubes, Gobi, DDD gournet), health rejuvenation drinks (Enzymes & green coffee). Read more...

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Celebrity Chef Sady and his prodigy Chef Joseph at DDD gourmet cafe. They are transforming DDD from a dessert outlet into a true gourmet cafe that you will find in LA where Chef Sady worked or in New York where Chef Sady hails. Customers that went to DDD last week got a preview of some new […] Read more...

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Introduction to Lifvation F&B ORDER FORM (PDF): Catering_Orderform Categories Packages Pricing Items Description  Breakfast / Brunch, min 20 pax   A $5.50/person 5 A. Scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausages or ham, bread, co ffee and tea. B $6.50/person 5 B.  Scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausages or ham, bread, coffee and tea. C $8.00/person Breakfast Pastry set+3~8 items C.  […] Read more...

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Lifvation aims to provide the F&B scene with very interesting concepts. Our mission is to provide food that meets our 6 goals: food that is free of MSG, no trans-fat, no coloring, no artificial flavouring, no gluten, functional food that help fight diseases & improve health.  Gobi Desserts  A pioneer in French Dessert Joo Chiat = […] Read more...

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