Lifvation is proud to be partners with:

• Lexington International / Hairmax ( a leading provider of hair regrowth and regeneration technology.
• Radiancy (, a leader in skin care technology, in Malaysia and Singapore. Radiancy's US FDA approved LHE phototherapy systems is a proven technology with unsurpassed safety that delivers the results on any skin type and conditions.
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Lifvation is a technology company that constantly searches for new technologies to improve lives.
Lifvation's promise to you:

  • We only bring you products that works,
  • We carefully select innovative product that are the leader in the industry;
  • We make sure that the products we bring you have been manufactured willingly and ethically.
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HairMax LaserComb Advanced 7
$410.00 USD
HairMax A7
Radiancy's Skinstation LUA
$600.00 USD
SkinStation LUA
Dr. Solution’s Hair Growth Essence
$168.00 USD
Hair Tech Bundle
$595.00 USD
Radiancy's SpaTouch Elite (STE) for Hair Removal
$23,000.00 USD
Radiancy's DuetPro LUA
$499.00 USD
DuetPro LUA
Radiancy's Duet LUA
$499.00 USD
Duet LUA
Photomedex Tricomin
$100.00 USD