Radiancy's Mistral (4T)

Radiancy's Mistral (4T)
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Lifvation is proud to partner with Radiancy to bring this cutting edge equipment into the Singapore and Malaysia market. For more information visit our Mistral page: http://mistral.lifvation.com

Clinic in a box.
The Mistral is an incredible compact multi-application machine that provides 9 treatments in a box.  1.Acne Clearance, 2.Psoriasis Care, 3.Skin Tightening, 4.Skin Rejuvenation, 5.Collagen Renewal , 6.Vascular Lesion Treatment, 7.Pigmented 8. Lesion Treatment, 9. Hair Removal. Lifvation is offering the Mistral (4T) at a special price where you can pick four treatments. 

Fastest & Safest in the industry
LHE and OPT technologies are designed for sensitive skin. It's low power fluence at 4-5 Joules/cm2 means no down time and minimal discomfort. The Mistrals rapid pulsing system provides 2-4 second per pulse. Lifetime per handpiece is up to 50000 pulses depending on applications. There's no need for messy gels and noisy cooling system.

Automation of patient records & treatment
The Mistral comes with a Window's base touch screen computer that automates customer records and treatments. It also guides the user on the settings. This incredible brain is upgradeable and can distinguish between different operators through is unique disk-key technology.

Ease-of-use and smooth, integrated functionality set Mistral apart from ordinary light-based systems, delivering the results you expect with unsurpassed patient safety and comfort, even in the most challenging scenarios.

Hand pieces
There are three skin types hand pieces (I-V, I-IV, V-VI) and 2 spot sizes (13cm2, 18cm2) for the 9 treatments.
The roman numeric indicate the Fitzpatrick scale for skintypes where I-II are typically caucasians, II-III are fair skin Asians, IV for chocolate colored skin, V for dark skin.
Hair removal application comes in four possible combinations of I-IV, V-VI skintypes and 13cm2, 18cm2 spot sizes.
Acne application comes only in I-V and 13cm2 spotsize.
Skin Rejuvenation comes only in I-V and 13cm2 spotsize.
Skin Tightening comes only in I-V and 13cm2 spotsize.
Psoriasis comes only in I-V and 13cm2 spotsize.
Each combination represent a different and distinct handpience. For instance, if your customers range from Caucasians to Indians, you will need two hand pieces: I-V, V-VI.
Furthermore if you do hair removal on small (e.g. face) and big areas (e.g. legs), we would recommend that you take the 13cm2 and 18cm2 spot size.
The large 18cm2 does not come with adaptors. This the reason you will need the 13cm2 .  
Your total hair removal hand pieces will be four handpieces: handpiece 1: I-V & 13cm2, handpiece 2:  V-VI & 13cm2 , handpiece 3: I-V  & 18cm2, handpiece 4: V-VI & 18cm2

Prerequisite (in Singapore only)
The Mistral (4T) is a Class B medical device for professional use only. You must have a PHMC licence to obtain this device.

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Radiancy's Mistral (4T)
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Radiancy's Mistral (4T)
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Radiancy's Mistral (4T)
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Radiancy's Mistral (4T)
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