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    Lifvation Group of Companies creates, nurtures and grow innovative lifestyle businesses. We are an aggressive Singaporean SME. To name a few of the many exciting brands we own and manage Gobi, Rock N Ash, Bricks N Cubes, deARTS, Brewbaga. If you are a Singapore Citizen or a Singapore PR and has a good sense of humour, we will be delighted to have you join us.

    Hear what our part timers have to say:


    Celebrity Chef Sady and Chef Joseph from Lifvation F&B Division

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    1. Hi, I am wondering if there are any temp jobs such as F&B service crew positions available?

      I have sent in my resume. Thanks!


      1. Hi Audrey, yes we do have temp F&B Service Crew positions available. Our HR will email to you shortly for your contact number. Kind regards, Admin

      1. Dear Daniel, Thank you for your comment. We just checked our database and couldn’t find your application. Could you please resubmit your application here,
        Note that there’s a SPAM challenge at the end, a simple mathematical challenge. Your submission will be registered in the database only when you answer the question correctly.
        Kind regards,
        Web Admin

    2. Hello there ! I have just submitted my resume through website’s application form, hopefully can hear from you soon.
      Thank you SO much for your attention and wish you have a wonderful Day 🙂

      1. You’ve to fix your attitude in life first. You’ve not even started the application and you’ve already stated your limitation. Our On-boarding process starts with you filling up our application form. You’ll probably find this to be the first step in any company.
        No employer will be interested in you if you start the first step with such dim view of yourself. Put your game face on, show what you have. Give employers a reason to like you. We will uncover good things as we get to know you through the interview process. If you have a lot to offer, we will overcome administrative obstacles. At this time, we’ll pass on you. Thank you and we wish you will try better, be positive and tackle every challenge head on.

    3. Hello, I can’t seem to submit my application. After i clicked on submit, it brings me to an error page full of words. Is there something that i am doing wrong?

      1. Good afternoon, Douglas. There is a antispam question just below the submit question. 1*3=? *
        That’s a antispam and also a simple intelligence test as the form is also used by our software company Zifsoft to recruit programmers. Kind regards, Web Admin

        1. Hi again, i did fill everything up including the antispam question. But it still bring me to the same error page. Below are the text i copied paste from the error page. Its just a white background with text on it.


          1. Dear Douglas, we have received your application and our Operations Manager will get in touch with you soon. Kind Regards, Web Admin.

    4. Hello and Good day!

      I submitted my resume and the error page appeared too. Have you received my application? Thank you so much

      Looking forward to work with you, thank you again

    5. Hi,

      I have just submitted my resume via your application form. I am interested in the Sales and Marketing internship offered by Gobi Dessert, as advertised on InternSG.

      I am proactive and am a hard worker. I would like to find out more about this internship. Please do not hesitate to contact me at minhuxxx or at 9xxx if you would like to see my full resume, or schedule an interview. I look forward to learning from you.


      Tim Min Hui

    6. Hello, I already submitted my resume on your site. I wish I receive a immediate message on your company. Thanks

      1. Greetings, Jennelyn. While your resume is awesome, demanding a response reflects a rather bratty behavior and will not work well in the service industry. We’ll pass on you. Hope this response is fast enough. Kind regards, Lifvation HR.

    7. Greetings,
      I am from Nepal. I have just submitted my job application. Hoping for a kind consideration and happy to get swift response.


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